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With a product configurator the customer is guided through the options of a product. Guided selling. For example a car configurator is well known. After choosing a car model, the engine and some extra options the price and a detailed specification is created.

There are a lot of expensive solutions for this problem. Listed are a few suppliers of product configuration software. Excel is often used as a product configurator at the back office. With excel you can make the calculation easily.

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More difficult in Excel are product rules. Another problem is to get the spreadsheet online. With KDCalc you can turn you spreadsheet into a interactive web application. After following this short hands on training you are able to make a simple product configurator for the web with tools you already have.

We will start with the user interface. Open notepad and insert the following basic html code. In de form we will add a drop down box to select different type of car models.

See code below. Save this file in notepad as follow. Type in the Filename Carconfigurator. Now open your file in the explorer to test. A product configuration user interface needs more then only one 1 question.Dynamics for Finance and Operations has evolved into purpose-built applications to help you manage specific business functions. For more information about these changes, see Dynamics Licensing Guide.

This article defines terms and concepts that are relevant to product configuration models. Product configuration models let you build a generic product structure that can be used to configure many product variants for a single product.

Product configuration models are created to represent a generic product structure.

javascript product configurator

After you've set up a product configuration model, you can configure a distinct product variant that has a unique bill of materials BOM and a unique route.

Product configuration models use both declarative constraints and imperative calculations to handle the relations and limitations between different product variants. You can configure items on sales orders, sales quotations, purchase orders, and production orders.

The following table describes the table constraint—based terms and concepts. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Learn at your own pace. See training modules. Dismiss alert.

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View on GitHub. Components are the main building blocks of a product configuration model. Components are displayed in a tree structure on the Constraint-based product configuration model details page. Attributes describe all the features of the product configuration model. You can use attributes to specify the features that can be selected when a distinct product is configured.

Attributes are used in constraints and conditions. When attributes are created and added to a product configuration model, the related attribute types are referenced.

A default value can be set for an attribute.A fast and flexible product configurator helps your business avoid costly mistakes, missed deadlines, and waste. A fast and cost-effective order entry process is essential to companies that sell, produce, and distribute custom products and services. Fast, flexible product configuration is just as important to ensuring your business avoids costly mistakes, missed deadlines, and waste.

They want quick and easy choices, even for complex offerings. And they expect quick, accurate turnaround and delivery. It was too difficult for one person to have full control and we needed to find a solution. Hundreds of businesses worldwide are using e-Con for CPQ and more, across a wide range of industries. Thank you for your interest in this document, please fill in the form to start your download.

Give Sales a live form that handles all the nitty-gritty work. Deploy e-Con to automate your prioritized quote-to-cash process, then quickly scale across additional Lines of Business and offerings. Program calculations and business rules without writing code. General Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy. Product Configurator for Dynamics Microsoft Preferred solution. First name. Explore the e-Con Product Configurator.

javascript product configurator

Automated Quotes and Configuration Give Sales a live form that handles all the nitty-gritty work. Easy Modeling Program calculations and business rules without writing code. Learn more about the e-Con Studio. Reset filter. Talk Talk to a staffmember.

Connect How do we help companies deliver Customer Experience.Dynamics for Finance and Operations has evolved into purpose-built applications to help you manage specific business functions.

For more information about these changes, see Dynamics Licensing Guide. The need to configure products to meet special requirements is becoming the rule rather than the exception, in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. A manufacturer that supports configure-to-order scenarios has an opportunity to tend more carefully to customer needs. Additionally, by stocking semi-finished goods in the form of generic components instead of finished products, the manufacturer can reduce the capital that is tied to inventory.

A successful move from a manufacture-to-stock setup to a configure-to-order setup requires careful analysis of the product structures, identification of product families, and componentization. To reduce the number of parts and minimize the number of goods that are in process, it's very important that you understand the product interfaces, and that you design for reusability.

There are several product configuration modeling principles, such as rule-based, dimension-based, and constraint-based modeling.

javascript product configurator

Studies show that the constraint-based methodology can reduce the number of code lines in models by about 50 percent compared to other modeling principles. Therefore, this methodology can reduce the total cost of ownership TCO. The industrialization period has led to great achievements in producing high-quality and feature-rich products at affordable prices. The economies of scale have made it possible for most people in the industrialized world to buy cars, TVs, household appliances, and other goods that most of us consider a necessary part of our everyday life.

As many products have become commodities, a need to differentiate them has arisen. The immediate response of manufacturers to this challenge has been to create variants of each product, so that customers have more alternatives. This strategy has led to increased forecast challenges, and also to an increase in inventory cost and unsold products that become obsolete. By adopting a configure-to-order philosophy, manufactures have an opportunity to meet customer demand for unique products while reducing or eliminating obsolete inventory items.

When a manufacture-to-stock philosophy is shifted to a configure-to-order philosophy, one immediate challenge that arises is that the need for short lead times must be balanced against low inventory levels.


The key to success here is to carefully analyze the product portfolio, and to look for patterns in both product features and processes. The goal is to identify generic components that can be manufactured by the same equipment and used in all variants. The new Product configuration feature set includes a user interface UI that provides a visual overview of the product configuration model structure, and also a declarative constraint syntax that doesn't have to be compiled.

Therefore, companies that want to support a configuration practice can get started more easily.You have been detected as being from. Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. Already have an account? Sign in. System requirements. Promote your products more effectively to building professionals and contractors with BIM models directly available in your online configurator.

Invite others to configure your products online and download various formats using any device. Learn more. Combine Configurator and Inventor Professional to instantly configure your product line in a secure cloud-based environment. Customers can download configured models and request them automatically. Watch video min. Learn about Inventor Professional.

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Purchase options include flexible subscription terms to fit your needs. Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. All rights reserved. Worldwide Sites You have been detected as being from.

Product configuration models overview

Online product configurator for Inventor. Play video min. Configurator features. Inventor integration. Access Inventor configurable designs in the cloud. BIM content on demand. Product configuration. Product configuration on your website. Automatically create a custom-branded catalog on your website. What's new. Built-in RFQ. Enable customers to easily submit models for quote. Downloadable formats.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The product configurator by justSelling is a smart idea. It offers the possibility to sell even complex products within an automized and cloud based configuration solution in your existing webshop, with out any extensive technical knowledge. Classic webshop- and content management- systems are ofter overstrained when it comes to customization and adjustments of complex products.

Thus the product configurator provides an innovative approach, while all functionalities that are necessary to configure products are made available due to the high performance cloud service.

The fact that the configurator can be integrated in to almost all common shop-systems, enables the user to have a high flexibility which has not been existent on the market before. Using the product-configurator enables you to sell or just represent complex products in your own webshop. Our industry independent solution allows you to do price calculations, dependent options, rules, graphical representation of configured products and many other product individualizations.

If you also offer products that are not suitable to classic webshop solutions or CMS, the product-configurator is definitely the right cloud-application for you! Trust in the market leader with more than installations worldwide. See for your self and test the product-configurator 14 days for free! Choose the edition that fits best to your needs and get started in less than a few minutes.

Over enthusiastic customers worldwide use product configurators made by justSelling Free test now By signing up, you accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Our products are hosted on a cloud server as SaaS Software as a Service application. This situation has clear advantages:. The total costs are lower significantly. Small investment effort, the installation of additional software is not necessary. The solution is made available in the least amount of time, especially in comparison to a solution that is hosted individually.

Interactive Product in CSS, Javascript & HTML

SaaS solutions are continuously updated. If you choose justSelling, you can be sure that your data is not stored somewhere abroad. All your data is exclusively stored in high secure data centers here in Germany.

javascript product configurator

Thus you are secure due to the german data-protection-law - one of the strictest in the world. The certification also includes several security actions in the IT infrastructure itself, in the secondary equitment and in the process-chain. Webshop for B2C or B2B, marketplaces, website and product catalogues, sales tools on desktop or tablet.

Thanks to the independent architecture, as well as its sector and system independence, our configurator is ideal for all use cases and web configurations.

The product configurator can be used in almost every industry-sector. We created some examples from several industry-sectors, in order to give you a better understanding about the features and possibilities of the configurator.

If you can not find a suitable example, just ask us! We are looking forward to discuss how you can efficiently offer your products in your own webshop.After 5 years of hard work we have developed a new 3D technology, originally conceived for the online trading but also opening new possibilities for traditional purchases. Our technology gives customers the chance to customize any part of the product, colours, text, accessories, logos or stickers, and everything else into the web browser and on mobile.

Now you can give to your customer a 3D configurator for custom orders with a realtime grahics engine in web browser, responsive and mobile oriented. Implements a revolutionary VR motion controller using your hands, directly into the web browser. Configure any part or area of your product that needs new materials, textures or colours in a simple and intuitive way.

With a simple object management, you can add or remove components or external accessories to the main object and create many variations. Upload the logos, images or photographs you prefer by applying them directly on the surface of the model. The result call to action can be a PDF order, an email, a direct purchase, an integration to the shopping cart or a webservice call.

Define options and behavior related to the product by specifying how much they affect the final price. GLTF model, 4 hostspost, color background, ground plane, Y rotation. GLTF model, Y rotation, glass effect, integration background, mobile optimized. Any type of fabric could be configured with custom textures and tiles. We also provide a service for wearing dress on dummy guy. Many part of bikes or motorcycles could be configured with materials, accessories and engine options.

Shoes is one of the best application of configuration technology with colors, materials, accesories and measures. Our web browser 3D technology could be at your service, build on your needs for your produts configuration. We have written from scratch the graphic engine under the 3D Online Configurator with new and power languages like WebGL and server side components.

We have truly experience in web development, game development and startup innovation. No problem. We are ready to help you in 3D modeling creation and optimization, texture mapping procedure and animations. We also provide a 3D scan service with local partners. No idea how to integrate our configurator? We are skilled developers of web applications and portal web sites.

We can integrate our 3D products into your ecosystem, cms or ecommerce platform. Are you an agency or a freelance developer? Truly experience your products in 3D.

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